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Sneak Peeks of Satinka

Sweet Satinka is a 9 month old blue and cream Tabby domestic short haired cat and she came into the family when her Mum saw her up for adoption on a rescue page and she knew she had to have her! Satinka made herself at home straight away and settled in with her canine fur-siblings, Bella and Basil with no trouble at all. She is a confident and outgoing young lady who is constantly curious of her surroundings and what is happening in her castle! Satinka got her unusual name, which means ‘Magic Dancer’ in American Indian! She is often called ‘Tinka’ for short and this is purrfect for this little sweetheart as she loves to ‘tinker’ with any toys or items she can find around the house. Satinka is curious, mischievous and very active, all of which creates non-stop fun for all of the family which keeps them all on their toes. She particularly loves teaser toys, paper balls, boxes and pretty much anything she can swat or chase! She also LOVES to take the drain plug from the shower and is even happier when she has some water on the floor to splash around in! Although she is a complete energiser kitty, Satinka has her moments when she loves to schmooze and have a bit of a cuddle although they don’t last too long as there are too many other adventures to be had! Satinka, you are a total stunner and completely adorable!

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