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Sneak Peeks of Poppy

Princess Poppy is a 2yo blue tortie domestic short haired cat and she came into her Mum’s life when she came into rescue with her four beautiful kittens. Not much was known about Poppy and she was aged by the vets as being between 12-18 months old. As she focused on her four ‘kids’, she was quiet and affectionate and definitely in need of a good feed! Once her babies were old enough, Poppy was able to focus on regaining her health and she was fortunate enough to be adopted BEFORE any of her babies! Poppy settled in quickly with her new Mum and she was thrilled to discover that she also had three new FEATHERED siblings! These three characters: Tango, Tommy and Banjo have become three of Poppy’s favourite things in the world! As her confidence has grown, so has her ability to keep her Mum on her toes by finding new and exciting ways to explore, play and pounce! Whilst Poppy will stalk the Bird Team, she actually just loves to lay and wait but she doesn’t try to attack them – they’re really just fun to annoy! LOL  Poppy is full of energy and has what seems to be a limitless supply of ways to bounce around the house! She also has a serious fascination for anything that opens – doors, cupboards, drawers, the fridge and even the bird cage! If it opens, Poppy gets in because she has to check out exactly what is going on and what fun she can make out of the situation! Princess Poppy is also toy crazy and is full of play, energy and general nosiness but overall she is a seriously loving and affectionate young lady who absolutely ADORES her Mum!

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