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Sneak Peeks of Mia

Gorgeous Mia is a 10 month old ruby coloured Cavoodle and her Mum describes this little princess as ‘The Best Puppy Ever!’ Mum has grown up having rescue dogs all of her life and wanted to have a puppy to connect and bond with from a young age. After some searching, Mum and Dad found a litter and it was love at first sight! When they arrived at the breeder’s property, Mia came trotting up to them as if she had been expecting to see them! Mia is a cuddly and kissy dog who loves everything in life. She is friendly, social and always happy! She is super playful and loves every opportunity to do so. Mia also has a mischievous streak and she has worked out that taking off with her Mum and Dad’s socks will result in a game of chasey!!! So basically she will bait her Mum and Dad by stealing their socks! She is a good girl though and doesn’t destroy them. Mia is also a bit of a social butterfly with other dogs and loves the dog park to have a good play session. Mia, you are a total sweetheart and we just adore your beautiful big brown eyes and your pretty puppy smile! 😊

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