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Sneak Peeks of Lola

L-O-L-A, LOLA! Sounds like a great name for a song and also for an adorable puppy! Lola is a 6 month old black Great Dane cross Standard Poodle and she joined the family earlier this year when Mum and dad found a breed which suited them. Dad wanted a Great Dane for a long time but Mum didn’t want the fur loss. Mum has referred to Lola as their ‘Great Danoodle!’ LOL  Lola is a total delight and Dad describes her as a ‘clumsy, well-tempered sweetheart who adores everyone and everything!’ Dad says that her looks remind him of the ‘Loaded Dog’ from the Henry Lawson tale which was made into a children’s book. Lola is completely lovable and affectionate and one of her favourite things is getting lots of pats and attention! Although she is a larger dog, she has a huge amount of energy and adores playing and running with her friends – particularly her Dogue De Bordeaux buddies whom she has play dates with on a regular basis! Apparently Lola can run around the park for two hours without any trouble and she just loves bounding around and wrestling with her mates. Miss Lola is still growing into her legs and is often a little clumsy which only adds to her charm. She has no idea of her size but she quite happily bounds around and is completely content with her wonderful puppy life!

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