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Sneak Peeks of Bella

Beautiful Bella is an 18yo West Highland Terrier cross Mini Fox Terrier and she joined the family when Mum felt her three boys were old enough to have a dog. They started looking around for puppies and came across Miss Bella and it was love at first sight! She has been a dream pup for the family and has an amazing temperament – gentle, loving and patient. Bella’s total sweet nature extends to a large amount of patience especially when her feathered friend, Buddy the budgerigar would fly down and eat her food right out of her bowl! Hehehe! Never once did this gorgeous girl show any sign of moving Buddy away from the bowl and just let him be! Bella, while a total sweetheart in nature, has also lived a life of adventure – even being a keen kayaker with her family – although she would only go on her Mum’s kayak! She has also enjoyed many years camping with her family and going to the beach as often as possible. Bella loved to play in her younger days and chased balls around but she would never bring them back! Lol  Although Bella has always loved to play, she is happiest when she is around her family and being part of everything and also the quiet times. Bella’s favourite place to curl up is with her Mum but when the boys were younger, she would always spend some time hanging out with them until she decided it was time to head to bed with Mum and Dad. This little angel has been the perfect member of the family for over 18 years and she will be in their hearts forever! 💗

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