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Sneak Peeks of Priscilla

Beautiful Priscilla is a 3 year old Bearded Dragon who loves basking on her rocks and munching on fresh vegetables, crickets and mealworms! She is a social young lady who loves to spend time with her family while they are playing video games or watching movies. Priscilla is happy to just chill out on your lap and keep her little family company in her own unique way. Priscilla’s ‘Dad’ is only 11 but adores having this fun (and sometimes sassy) little lady to hang out with and how she enjoys her time with him too. He thinks it’s pretty cool to give Priscilla gentle pats under her chin which she loves the most and will happily lift her head up for more! Priscilla you aren’t only ‘Queen of the Desert’ you were also ‘Queen of our Studio’ and we loved having you hang out with us!

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