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Sneak Peeks of Bijou

Beautiful Bijou is a 6yo black Pug cross Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a white chest. She came to her Mum as a puppy and when she first saw her, she instantly knew she was the puppy for her! Bijou is the friendliest little lady you will ever meet and people are completely loved and adored by this little ray of sunshine and of course, people who meet Bijou love her back! She worked out early on that if she makes a funny little ‘cry’ when she wants pats and attention, this is exactly what she gets and it works REALLY well as she adores getting all the pats, cuddles and love that she can possibly can. Bijou loves to play and squeak toys are her favourite although she is prone to breaking the odd one now and again! Lol  She is definitely her Mum’s ‘velcro’ dog and she is happiest by her side being a part of everything. Like many Pug breeds, Miss Bijou does snore when she is sleeping but her Mum loves this and finds it very comforting! Mum adores everything about her little girl even her quirky side with her funny expressions and especially when one of her ears turns inside out! Bijou is a fun and loving little girl who spreads her own special brand of love and happiness everywhere she goes!

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