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Sneak Peeks of Snowy and Alfie

Adorable duo, Snowy and Alfie, are a couple of wonderful and faithful companions. Snowy is a 14yo white Chihuahua and Alfie is a Shih-Tzu cross Maltese Terrier cross Lhasa Apso. Mum has had Snowy for 12 years and he came into her life when Mum went looking for her then partner’s missing dog and came across Snowy at the Animal Welfare League and immediately fell in love and adopted him. He has a number of health issues but his vet says that he has a good heart and is a ‘golden oldie!’ Snowy loves to rub his face and give puppy kisses to his Mum. He loves being next to her and feeling the comfort of knowing that she is close by. Mum loves how Snowy has been through thick and thin and still has unconditional love and affection for her. He is very loyal and has always been her companion and they have formed a very special bond together. Mum got Alfie as a companion for Snowy so he wouldn’t be on his own. Her next door neighbour’s dog had puppies and her neighbour asked her if she wanted one. She originally wanted a female because she thought that Snowy would want a puppy companion that was more placid and laid back but she saw Alfie and has not looked back! He is a really affectionate and loving fur baby who loves lots of attention and is really food driven. Mum describes him as being a bit clingy but a loving dog who loves car rides but only if they are short ones! Snowy and Alfie, you are both very sweet souls indeed!

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