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Sneak Peeks of Odin

‘Majestic’ is the only way you can describe Odin who is a black and white Bull Arab cross Great Dane who has one beautiful blue eye and the other is a gorgeous dark brown! He is an excitable, friendly, resilient and happy young man who adores everyone but mostly his Mum! Odin has lots of energy and adores playing but often doesn’t know his own size so his friends need to be a good size too! He is such a sweet boy and he wants to be friends with everyone! He is happy to be playing and finding adventures but always comes ‘touch base’ with his Mum. Odin is a ‘leaner’ and will often be seen next to his Mum just gently leaning (as much as he can be) against her legs. He truly has no idea of his size and will literally sit on his Mum when she is on the couch patting him! For some reason, Odin thinks that he is a lap dog and is a real snuggler which his Mum adores! Although Odin has a bed on the floor in his Mum’s room, he is often found on the bed and he loves to have an extra snuggle in the mornings before the day begins and curls up into his Mum’s stomach for quiet cuddles until they have to get up! His Mum loves that Odin is a well behaved young man and that he has settled so well with lots of walks, outings and training because he really is just an oversized teddy bear with the sweetest nature in the world!

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