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Sneak Peeks of Ernie and Ian

These two adorable little Guinea Pigs are Ernie and Ian and they are definitely as cool as a slice of cucumber! Ernie is 7yo and is white and cream and Ian is also 7yo and is white and brindle. Ernie came into his Mum’s life as a 6 week old pup and bonded with his brother, Bert, who has since passed away. Ernie is a relaxed and chilled out little guy who is loving and cuddly and loves to spend time snuggling with his Mum. Ernie loves to do things at his own pace and his own time and is a total foodie as he spends a great deal of his time quietly foraging and nibbling away. He loves his time out on the grass and is content to snack and enjoy the rays of sunshine and doesn’t get busy running around or checking things out. Ian came along not long after Bert and Ernie and he bonded with another friend who also passed away some time ago so without their mates, Ian and Ernie have become friends and he gets along just fine with Ernie. His personality differs a lot to Ernie’s as he is a busy little man indeed! Ian loves to run around and check out his surroundings to see what he can find. Ian is also a brave little soul and quite happy to stand his ground and not be fearful – even when the family’s cats go up to their enclosure and stick their faces up close, Ian just sits there and looks them in the eye! Lol  Ian also loves to be out on the grass where he can find his own little adventures. While he loves his tucker, Ian isn’t as food driven as Ernie as he is happy to be more inquisitive and not so focused on food. Ernie and Ian, ‘lettuce’ say you are both so cute and gorgeous and just a couple of fun loving little guys!

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