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Sneak Peeks of Thatcher

Thatcher is a beautiful and loving young man who is the centre of his Mum and Dad’s world. He is an almost 2yo golden Labrador and he first joined the family when Mum and Dad had their hearts set on getting a Labrador so they found a reputable breeder and finally had their first fur kid in Thatcher! He has fast become their baby and is a lovable, funny and playful ‘goofball’ as his Mum calls him! Thatcher is a happy and energetic boy who has completed their little family with his loving ways and his beautiful big smile! He loves to play and has his own toy box with very well loved toys but his favourite game is when Mum or Dad grab a toy and he chases them around the yard! Thatcher loves to go on outings and having an adventure! He adores the beach and is amazingly great to take out to cafes or any pet friendly places where they always receive lots of compliments about how great he is when he is out with people and other dogs. Thatcher is naturally inquisitive and will often sniff the ground to see what he can check out and he also has several tricks that he learnt at dog school. This young man loves lots of cuddles with his Mum and Dad and has his own special smile which he only does when they come home from work! Mum and Dad adore the big smiles and unconditional love which come with gorgeous Thatcher.

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