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Sneak Peeks of Mia, Omar and Cook

This furtastic family of three consists of Mia, Omar and Cook. Mia is a 5yo black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Border Collie, Omar is a 5yo tan Boxer and Cook is almost 2yo and is a hazel coloured domestic short hair cat. Mia has one blue eye and one brown eye and has the most beautiful facial expressions. Her eyebrows will move up and down and she gets very inquisitive. Mum describes her as being a really good girl who is always next to her and stands by her side. She is very loving and a kind and gentle soul. When she is loving, Mum describes her as being her ‘love bug’ that just adores getting belly rubs and if you stop or pause for a moment, she will paw you until you start giving her belly rubs again! What a sweetheart! Omar is described as their ‘clown dog.’ They got both Omar and Mia at the same time as puppies and are only a couple of months apart. Mum describes Omar as being a big baby and a bit of a sook especially if he doesn’t get what he wants. If Cook goes to ‘attack’ him, he will act like a big sook and want some attention! Lol  Cook is certainly a different kind of cat and Mum affectionately calls him Cookie-Bear! He absolutely loves the dogs and being with them. He has a beautiful thick possum-like tail and he may possibly have some Maine-Coon in him. When the dogs get treats, Mum and Dad will ask them to sit and wait for their treat but Cook will also follow suit and sit with the dogs and also wait for a treat! Awwwww!! As a kitten, he would interact with them a lot more but since getting older, he is a lot more independent and will spend time on his own. They are all inseparable and are like one big ‘love pack’ when they are all together!

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