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Sneak Peeks of Maya and Buddy

These two are simply a knockout with Boxer pair, Maya and Buddy! Maya is 3yo and her younger brother, Buddy, is 2.5 yo. Maya joined the family as a young puppy when Mum and Dad decided that having a pet would be something great for both of their kids. Maya is very much Dad’s girl and sometimes she can be a little jealous if Dad’s attention is directed elsewhere! Dad calls her ‘The Chosen One’ due to her fierce love toward him which has become a bit of a joke between Mum and Dad. Maya is excitable, happy and gentle and she can be quite defiant when the mood takes her. She can also be a princess especially with food in particular as she has an unusual habit of ‘licking’ her food instead of chewing it as if she is thinking ‘Will this kill me? I better check it first!’  Haha  Buddy is the baby of the family and came along six months after Maya as a companion for her but also because Mum really wanted to have a dog who could love her the way Maya adores her Dad. This didn’t quite work out as expected as apparently Buddy also adores Dad! Wow, Dad gets all the love!! Buddy, like Maya, is very excitable and adores playing. He just runs amok all of the time so he keeps both of them on their toes! He is also more mischievous but is much more of a ‘guard dog.’ Maya and Buddy have been wonderful additions to the family and their fun and loving natures have given the kids great companionship and reassurance.

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