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Sneak Peeks of Megabyte

This cutie definitely has all bark and no ‘byte!’ Megabyte is a much loved and completely funny young man who is actually completely different with each member of the family! He is a 5yo apricot coloured Pug who came into the family a little unexpected. The family had researched and decided a Pug would be a great breed for them and after an enquiry with a breeder, this little guy was the last one left so his Mum made a ‘split second’ decision and bought him and the rest is history! His Mum describes Megabyte as an ‘old soul in a young body’ as he does have a tendency to be a grumpy little man when the mood takes him but he is also a funny and loving guy. He isn’t really into playing with toys or balls but he adores a good play session of chasey and wrestling around the house. He is also seriously food driven and will do just about anything for a snack! His favourites being Granny Smith apples! Megabyte is also a cheeky little man and has ways of getting your attention if he wants something as he will look you right in the eye while doing something he shouldn’t and when you get up to stop him, he will continue to stare you down and get the attention he wants! Lol  Overall, he is actually a really good boy and he simply has a fun and mischievous streak which the family all adore! Having this fun and happy little guy in the family has brought everyone a lot of happiness and he has everyone wrapped around his little paw! When you have a mega bowl with your name on it, Megabyte, you know you’re pretty special!

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