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Sneak Peeks of Marco and Stella

Stunning duo, Marco and Stella are a couple of gorgeous characters and personalities pawsonified! Marco is a 12yo Maremma Sheepdog while Stella is a 1yo Maremma cross Great Dane. Marco came into the family when his Dad’s Mum came across him and brought him home as the family pet! Dad connected with Marco straight away and several years later, Mum and Dad had him come to live with them. He is intelligent, loyal and protective and he adores being around his family but is always ‘on patrol of his kingdom’ ensuring that he knows what is happening and investigating when necessary! Marco is alert and determined but also a sweet-natured gentleman. While Marco loves Stella, the age difference and her playful puppy energy will sometimes cause him to feel the need to find some space which he happily takes. Stella joined the family last year and adores her Mum and Dad and Marco. As a much younger pup, she can definitely outplay Marco and so there are times when he will set boundaries for her which she accepts really well. Stella is playful but also a super sensitive girl which is something really special for her Mum. Marco and Stella, you are both totally adorable and so much fun!

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