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Sneak Peeks of Mak

Wonderful and cheeky Mak is a previous Zoo Studio superstar – he is Mr. December for ABC Rescue’s 2019 calendar! Mak is a 1yo tan and black Mastiff Mix and he was adopted at the RSPCA Big Adopt Out in 2018. His Mum had already seen him on their rescue pages and knew straight away he was the one for her! Although he isn’t a lap dog, Mak LOVES to be near his Mum and Dad and when in bed, he will snuggle up between his Mum’s legs completely content and happy being close to both of them. Like most puppies, Mak loves to get into mischief and has recently tested his chewing abilities on his teddy bear and his bed! Such a cheeky boy, Mak! He also loves going on play dates with other dogs and breakfast dates with his humans! We have reliably been told that he gets Puppyccinos and leftovers! Lol  He adores playing with tug ropes but not all that interested in chasing a ball. He does love soft toys too but he can get a little ‘too playful’ with them! Mak has been a great student at puppy School and is now in 3rd grade learning lots of new tricks, clicker training and recall. He is doing really well with shake, High-5, touch, drop and also knows ‘bed!’ He is also a working boy and sometimes goes into work with his Mum although not much work gets done when everyone wants to spend time with this special young man! When he stays home, Mak tends to sleep during the day but gets really excited to see Mum and Dad in the afternoon to spend time with them. Mak is a super friendly, excitable young man with a gentle soul who has no qualms spreading his special brand of love and adoration around!

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