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Sneak Peeks of Milo

Gorgeous Milo is a 1yo black Labrador and is one fun young man who came into his Mum’s life as a young puppy. While small for a Labrador, he doesn’t know his own size and truly believes he is a lap dog and loves to settle down having no idea just how awkward it can be for the human he has chosen! Milo’s lack of awareness for his size is also evident when he is running towards someone and will often not stop in time for his body and head barrelling into their legs! Lol  He also has a funny habit of bounding up and putting his nose right into a person’s face when he wants some attention or to see what is happening! Mum also has a gorgeous cat called Hamish and they have come to an agreement with how they cohabitate and they actually get along well! Milo loves his soft, squeaky toys and he has a great collection which he rotates depending upon his mood at the time. Occasionally, if he has more than one toy that he wants and is unable to choose, he will try to put both into his mouth at the same time! Hilarious! He adores his soft, squeaky toys the most and will often run through the house squeaking them. Milo has learnt lots of tricks already with shakes, High-5’s, rolls over, drops and crawls and also has a good grasp on his commands with ‘look’ and ‘touch’ amongst others. We also love your beautiful head tilt, Milo! He loves to know everything that is happening and will be at Mum’s side pretty much all of the time – unless he’s completely worn out from an adventure or from being at doggy day care! Milo is completely adored and is a sweet and reliable presence for his Mum who she describes as a gorgeous ‘big, boofy and loving’ boy!

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