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Sneak Peeks of Cadbury and Oakley

There is a bundle of sweetness here in Chocolate Labrador brothers, Cadbury and Oakley. They are actual brothers/littermates and are 9yo. Good luck telling this sibling pair apart as it takes some ‘real detective work!’ LOL  Lucky their Dad told us how we can tell their difference! Look hard enough and you’ll see it too! 😉  Here’s a bit of a clue – Oakley is a little broader across the snout and Cadbury has a couple of additional grey hairs! Shhh, we won’t tell anyone Cadbury – you hide them well with your beautiful brown eyes! Dad calls Cadbury the ‘ADHD’ of the pair and although both can keep him on his toes, Cadbury will definitely be the one to be in the centre of mischief! It is all in good fun though and it is all about love, happiness and food for both of these guys! Cadbury is loving and just a tiny bit more of an independent soul but is seriously close to his brother and his Dad. Oakley is the first of the boys to want to be either on Dad’s feet or leaning on him –  he definitely loves the schmoozy time that little bit more! While he is very affectionate, he is also the first to recognise that someone is around or at the gate and will shoot off first and then Cadbury will follow. All he wants is to ‘serve and protect’ his brother and his Dad! Cadbury and Oakley came into their Dad’s little family as puppies and he got two perfect little chocolate drops! They are now truly loving and gentle souls who are well mannered and amazing company for Dad. They are both social and able to settle at home and when on an outing. These two are very close companions and close as brothers can be!

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