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Sneak Peeks of Oscar and Charlie

It’s Puggy time with cuties Oscar and Charlie! Oscar is a 2yo light fawn Pug and Charlie is a 9 month old dark fawn Pug. Oscar joined the family when Mum and Dad got married and were ready for their first fur kid! Oscar as a young pup used to love biting and chewing on just about anything he could find but grew out of this at 12 months of age. Oscar is really intelligent and has easily learnt tricks and commands – he can do a High-5, crawl and speak on command and spin around! Such a clever boy! He is a very easygoing young man and his Dad describes him as ‘fearless’ so he is a great guy to take on adventures which he loves! Oscar loves to wrestle and play but isn’t interested in toys for fun but he adores people and food – not necessarily in that order! Lol  He is very much a Daddy’s boy and he is usually stuck to him like glue!  Charlie joined the family as a young pup and is still very much a puppy where Mum says that she believes he is always going to have his clumsy puppy ways which is always amusing! Charlie is a beautiful and sweet young man who loves playing with his toys and of course his adored brother, Oscar! Charlie has an adorable trait of choosing ‘a toy a day’ which he has with him throughout the day and he will then choose a different one each day! He is very docile and when he isn’t playing is completely content just to be next to Mum and Dad! Oscar and Charlie, you are the sweetest guys and totally adorable!

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