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Sneak Peeks of Lucky, Marley and Puku

Adorable Lucky has returned, as a previous ZS superstar in recent times. and is joined by her gorgeous younger brother and sister, Marley and Puku! Lucky is a 10yo Maltese cross Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Marley is a 5yo Golden Labrador and Puku is a 4yo Fawn French Bulldog cross Pug. Lucky is a lovely young lady who is very much her Mum’s girl and even though she won’t ‘admit it’, she adores her little brother and sister especially Puku. When she thinks no one is looking, she will ‘mother’ him and wash his ears and face! In her older years now, she can have a little ‘attitude’ but as the ‘Queen of the Pack’, this is ok and it does keep the ‘kids’ in line! Marley joined the family three years ago and her lovable and easygoing nature has fitted in beautifully with the family. She loves a good play session especially with her bestie, Puku! Marley is sweet, relaxed and funny and her Mum says she can be a ‘bit of a ditzy blonde’ at times but in a completely adorable way! Puku is the baby of the family and is totally adored by both of his big sisters! He is absolutely best friends with Marley and they are pretty much inseparable. Puku came into the family as a young pup when his Mum felt it was time for a companion for Lucky. He is a very cute and handsome young man with a gorgeous temperament. Puku’s name comes from the Maori word meaning ‘fat tummy’ and Mum used to hear the term used by some of her friends and she loved it! He adores playing and is ball obsessed – pretty much so that he doesn’t stop once he gets started! Puku also has a love of soft toys and has a collection of fruit which he and Marley love to play with. These three furkids definitely look like loads of fun!

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