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Sneak Peeks of Bella and Dash

Bella and Dash are a couple of beautiful Border Collie crosses with Bella being a 12yo Border Collie cross Australian Cattle Dog and Dash being a 7yo Border Collie cross. Mum and Dad got Bella when she was about 8 weeks old and she looks more like an Australian Cattle Dog with a black patch on one eye. She absolutely loves her squeak toys especially her red chicken squeak toys and also her tennis balls which she loves to play with. Mum LOVES the look on her face when Bella has her toys; it’s that look of love and happiness that her Mum just adores! Bella enjoys a walk around especially down at the dog park and going out on outings in the car and is also known to be a bit of a beach babe!  Dash is more of a Border Collie and is black and white in colour and came into the family when he was 2yo. He isn’t interested in toys very much but he just loves people. People are really ‘his thing!’ Dash is a very sweet and loving boy and his Mum loves his sweet face and the way he’s a very happy boy! Bella and Dash, you are both simply stunning and a couple of absolute superstars.

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