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Sneak Peeks of Mia

Mia is one very special lady who, from the day they met, stole her Mum’s heart and she often refers to Mia as ‘her girl.’ Mia is a 13yo Golden Labrador and she came into her Mum’s life as a very young pup. Mum’s sister gave her the pick of the litter and when she went over, Mia went and settled straight into her lap and that was the beginning of a long and happy love story between the two of them. Her Mum says that along with 13 years of joy and happiness, Mia has been her rock and support through some hard times over the years and she is so in tune with her that she will ‘shove her nose’ in for a cuddle at the times when Mum needs her! Mia by nature is loving, happy and sometimes cheeky! Even as she is ageing, she still has a spring in her step and a zest for life! Mia is excitable and even something that seems so minimal can mean something special and exciting for her. She has been the ‘older sister’ to her Mum’s children who also adore her unconditionally. As a puppy, Mia adored socks and she would grab them and throw them around shaking them like crazy! She is less inclined for puppy antics these days but is still up for some play time with her new Border Collie siblings, going for walks and outings with the family. Mia adores her food and has a real taste for carrots as her #1 treat as we can see! Mia, you are simply one adorable young lady!

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