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Sneak Peeks of Carlo

Beautiful Carlo is a gorgeous and loving young man who is a 5yo red Boxer with white paws, chest and tail tip. He came into the family as a young puppy after Mum and Dad had fallen in love with their neighbour’s boxer, Enzo. Carlo’s family spent a lot of time bonding with him and ensuring he was able to fit in well with their routine and as a result, he is extremely well mannered and also has quite a few ‘tricks’ he has learnt over the years. Some of his tricks are ‘High-5’ and balancing a ball on his nose! He also does a funny thing when his Dad blows on his face, he will ‘lick the air’ and has a funny expression which always makes the family laugh! He also has a gorgeous expression when Mum rubs the top of his nose between his eyes. How adorable! Carlo is a social boy who has friends in the neighbourhood which he loves to stop by and say hi while the family are out on their daily walks with him. He is super friendly to both people and other dogs and he LOVES a good play where his favourite game is tug-of-war! Carlo is a true character and a joy to be around and he spreads happiness to whoever is around him. Mum believes that they are a better family because of him! Carlo you are such a sweet boy!


  1. Vivienne on 28/05/2019 at 7:07 PM

    What a wonderful experience,from the moment we made the appointment to selecting the photos. Our family wish to thank you for making Carlo our boxer feel really special. He loved every minute of the session. We knew it would be hard to choose the best photos, they are all good. You captured everything we wanted and more. These photos will continue to spread loving memories throughout our home.

  2. Lorraine on 22/08/2019 at 5:54 PM

    Hi Vivienne. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. My apologies for the very late reply. For some reason your comment wasn’t showing up on our end but then wasn’t allowing me to reply. I think it was from an update. It seems to be working all good now.
    We are so glad you love your photos of beautiful Carlo. He is just so beautiful and it was my absolute pleasure to photograph him. We are sending you all lots of love and hugs, Lorraine, Scott, Cathy and Kristy – Your Zoo Studio family! xxx

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