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Sneak Peeks of Lottie, Saffy and Maggie

These three beautiful heart-melters are Lottie, Saffy and Maggie. Lottie is a 12yo strawberry blonde Cocker Spaniel with deep, dark eyes, Saffy is a 12yo Buff (gold/red) coloured Labradoodle with amazing honey coloured eyes and Maggie is an 18 month-old chocolate and white coloured Spoodle. Lottie is actually a shortened name for Charlotte which was Lottie’s given name but is almost always called Lottie for short. She is the love of her mum’s life and is completely adored. She is cuddly, affectionate and her Mum’s shadow when she is at home. Lottie is a gentle soul who loves to use her paws to get your attention. Lottie is getting a little older now but she still has moments of puppy energy and will do ‘zoomies’ around the place with Maggie! These two are very good friends. Miss Maggie joined the family 18 months ago as a young puppy full of love and joy! She is a gorgeous young lady who loves to ‘bounce’ around happily and adores meeting new people and making friends. Her Mum describes Maggie as active, happy and full of love! She is quite adventurous and likes to climb high when she can find something to scramble up on to! Saffy originally came into the family as a companion for Lottie who is Saffy’s Mum’s sister’s girl. Their Mums shared a house for a period of time and Saffy and Lottie became the best of friends within a couple of days. Saffy is a real character with the soul of an adventurer as she adores going on walks and outings and has an independent streak as well. She also adores music and can identify different songs! Her favourite song in the world is Elvis’ ‘Love Me Tender’ and if she hears this she will run up to the front of the CD player and goes back and forth! Lottie, Saffy and Maggie, you are just adorable!

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