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Sneak Peeks of Gizmo Dax, Piper Dax, Frodo Dax and Mogwai Dax

We welcome wonderful family of four in Gizmo Dax, Piper Dax, Frodo Dax and Mogwai Dax. Gizmo is a 12yo Weimaraner and is a beautiful young man who along with Piper, travelled with their Dads from the UK to live in Australia! Gizmo is shy and reserved but is also gentle and loving. His sweet nature is usually reserved just for his Dads and is a total bed bug and is usually the first to head to bed with his Dads and will stay there all night. Piper is an 11yo Weimaraner and is a gorgeous young lady who is very different from her brother, Gizmo, and you could say they are complete opposites! Piper is a happy go lucky sweetheart who adores people and other dogs. She is often ‘hyper’ and her tail wags all the time with happiness! Frodo is a 10yo black Great Dane and he joined the family several years ago. He is a sweet man with a loving temperament and is well bonded to both of his Dads. He is a gentle giant and adores being on his back getting lots of chest and tummy rubs! Mogwai is a 3yo merle and white Great Dane and is the ‘baby’ of the family who LOVES to play and generally be involved in everything. He came into the family as a young puppy and has definitely made an impact and is keeping the others young! Mogwai is completely unaware of his size, which is VERY large and he can be a bit of a bull in a china shop! He is ridiculously cute though with beautiful big ears and very photogenic as we can see! These awesome foursome are simply stunning and they just took our breath away!

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