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Sneak Peeks of Mia

Mia is a beautiful young lady who is totally adored by her Mum and her sisters! She is a 3yo Maltese cross Shih Tzu who is black with a white patch on her chin that looks like a little goatee! Mia is completely engaging and manages to make her way into anyone’s heart very easily. She is absolutely her Mum’s baby and she couldn’t imagine life without her! Initially Mia can be a little reserved and sometimes even a bit ‘standoffish’ but once she gets to know someone, she is a total sweetheart! She is definitely a ‘velcro’ dog and loves to be by her Mum’s side whenever possible and on the couch she will rest her little face on her Mum’s leg and fall asleep! Awwwwww!! Another one of her amazingly cute little quirks is that she adores sleeping on her back and it melts her Mum’s heart seeing her dreaming away with her little legs in the air! While Mia is an amazing cuddler, she does still enjoy a good play session and it is always fun to see her get a little feisty with ‘flat, soft toys’ which are the ones she can get in her mouth and play tug-of-war with! Mia is a total joy to have around and Mum loves that she is a quiet, loving presence and great company. In their quiet moments together, it is really special when they are having a cuddle and Mia looks up at Mum with her gorgeous eyes and snuggles her little body in as close as she can as this is their true bonding time!

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