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Sneak Peeks of Kinta, Tahlia, Koda, Ari and Tempo

This gorgeous crew consists of Kinta. Tahlia, Koda, Ari and last but definitely not least, Tempo! Kinta is a 12yo black Tri Australian Shepherd, Tahlia is an 8yo blue Merle Australian Shepherd, Koda is a 6yo blue Merle Australian Shepherd, Ari is a black and white Lowchen and Tempo is a 2yo black Tri Australian Shepherd. Kinta came into her Mum’s life as her second Aussie Shepherd at 6 months of age and is the girl her Mum wanted to show and breed with and has been a beautiful, intelligent and sometimes hilarious lady who is without a doubt her Mum’s ‘heart dog!’ She is a real mummy’s girl who has also been a dream in the agility and show rings earning titles in both. Tahlia is simply a perfect looking young lady with amazing markings! She probably does know how beautiful she is and as her Mum says, she has the personality of a ‘cheerleader’ – blonde, charismatic but with a sensitive side that is surprisingly smart! Tahlia can be the class clown and loves attention and she LOVES to play with balls and these would be her favourite fun thing to do! Koda is his Mum’s ‘boofy Blue Merle’ and she didn’t think he would do well with performance but somehow he has bit by bit, proven her wrong. He can be a real ‘goofball’ but possesses a sensitivity and ability to read other dogs and is cruisy enough that he doesn’t react back. He is a gentle young man who has turned out to be the perfect boy to work with other reactive dogs. Ari is definitely a stand out in the pack and is his Mum’s ‘Pie in the Sky’ pup. He is a beautiful looking young man and is a fun and loving addition to the family. Ari truly believes that rules are made for him to break and is also known to lead the others, particularly Koda and Tempo, astray! He has an independent streak and is super smart and super fast to learn new things. Tempo is the baby of the family and is actually Koda’s daughter and Tahlia’s granddaughter! She is a stunningly beautiful young lady who is cheeky and opinionated with a load of enthusiasm for life! She adores chatting (a good bark) and everything in her world is pure happiness! Tempo is seriously social with both people and other dogs and bounces around constantly. You can almost hear her announcing to the world, ‘Hi guys, I’m here!’ What an incredibly beautiful group of fur babies and we had so much fun with all of them!

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