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Sneak Peeks of Koda and Charli

These two playful fur babies are lovable Koda and sweet Charli! Koda is a 5yo chocolate Labrador and Charli is a 3yo tri coloured Beagle. Described by his Mum as ‘45kg of naughtiness’, Koda is a seriously mischievous but loving young man who has stolen his Mum’s heart! Koda came into his Mum’s life a little unexpectedly shortly after losing her precious girl and while he hasn’t replaced her, it was love at first sight and he has definitely brought happiness into his Mum’s world with him! From an early age, Koda let it be known that he does things at his own pace and in his own time. He has a sweet nature, cheeky grin and engaging eyes which basically means he can get away with anything he likes 99% of the time! Lol  Koda absolutely loves the beach and it is probably his favourite place and he jumps in and out of the waves while he is swimming. He adores playing with toys and balls and loves a good go kart tyre or something totally unique like an old fireplace log which he has chewed down over the years and is now bone shaped!  Charli is a much quieter member of the family who came along several years ago. Charli covers her bases and shares the love between the family and is happiest when she is with her humans! She adores Koda and these guys play beautifully together most of the time and will pinch each other’s toys! Charli love splaying with her toys and with Koda where sometimes she will be seen literally hanging off Koda’s neck and the next minute they are playing like the best of friends! Koda and Charli, you sure do bring joy and happiness to us all!

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