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Sneak Peeks of Rex and Duke

Beautiful Rex and Duke simply take our breath away! Rex is a 10yo Maltese cross Shih-Tzu and Duke is a 15 month old German Shepherd. Rex came into the family as a young puppy when his Mum was just 16 years old. Her relationship with Rex is what inspired her to follow a career as a vet. Rex has always been a cuddly, loving member of the family and spent many long hours keeping Mum company when she was at university and was her ‘study buddy!’ Rex definitely shares the love with the family and has been a wonderful little companion where he loves his walks and just being with his family. Mum loves that she can actually cuddle in to Rex and he loves it so much when she does. He is a complete human lover and does not actually need to have the company of other dogs – just his humans! Rex still adores his squishy toys and happily plays with them for short spurts. His happy and friendly nature has always been his signature but he LOVES his humans so much he will sometimes be quite assertive to get someone’s attention so he can have their love! Such a gorgeous boy, Rex!  Duke is the baby of the family and the puppy Mum’s brother wanted for a long time before Mum finally said, Yes! While Duke adores everyone, he is his boy and loves to spend time with him and go out on walks and adventures! While Duke is extremely smart, he is still sometimes just a big ‘doofus’ as Mum describes him and he can play for hours! His favourite toy is his football which he absolutely adores. Duke is friendly and sociable and loves being around people as much as possible! We certainly loved being around you too Duke and your fur-brother, Rex.

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