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Sneak Peeks of Larry and Milton

Today we give a huge puppy dog welcome to Larry and Milton! Larry is a sweet 12yo Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen and Milton is an adorable 1yo Airedale Terrier. Larry is a ‘happy hound’ who joined the family as a 2yo when he was no longer wanted by the breeder for showing. As a puppy, Larry was an Australian Show Champion! He has an amazingly gentle and kind soul who has become a ‘reading dog’ for children in the local schools. While being totally amazing with sitting with the kids while they learn to read, he also interacts perfectly with them and sometimes taps the kids with his paw while he sits with them! Larry is a very smart young man who has done beautifully with children and his education with them but he also LOVES to spend quiet time cuddled up with his Mum. Larry isn’t into playing with his toys but in his younger days loved to chase and as a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, he is a hunter at heart but does less now being a senior boy. He isn’t fussy about who his playmates are and has always been able to have fun and play with other dogs of any breed and size. Larry LOVES people and he is described as a fantastic, happy hound whose tail is always wagging! Milton came into his Mum’s life unexpectedly as the son of one of her beloved Airedales, Merlot, and as soon as she saw him she knew there was something special about him and immediately picked him from the litter! Milton is intelligent, fast to learn new things and is a beautiful, loving young man with a cheeky side which melts his Mum’s heart! He is a stunning looking young guy with a gorgeous, caring nature. With Larry as his ‘big brother’, Milton has learnt to be relaxed and easy going with other dogs. He is what his Mum describes as ‘a real thinker’ and easily fits in with the community education and therapy work that his Mum does. Milton also adores playing and rubber balls and his Kong Wobbler are his favourites! He also loves a good tug of war with a rope toy too! Milton is a very handsome man about town who is recognized by his collection of ‘sparkly’ collars! He also has amazing deep brown eyes which look deep into your soul and Mum says these are the ’best eyes in the world!’ Larry and Milton, you are both absolutely gorgeous!

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