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Sneak Peeks of Frizzy

Fabulous feline, Frizzy, came into her Mum’s little family as a tiny little kitten who was abandoned along with her late brother, Dr. Jones. They were both hand raised and bottle-fed by their Mum and both hold a very special place in her heart and in her life. Mum had to take this little angel to work with her while she hand raised her and all of the male colleagues adored her which basically turned them all into marshmallows! Haha  Frizzy is named for her gorgeous fur coat and she is a social and friendly young lady. Frizzy adores playing and really loves her toys! Mum believes that Frizzy is actually a Princess in disguise and is definitely in the upper class of the family as she won’t eat on the ground floor of the home with the other fur kids and chooses to eat upstairs – just like royalty! Frizzy adores her Mum but her true love is actually her Dad where Mum says that ‘she saves all her best loving for him!’ Lol  While Frizzy is a Princess, she is also often a cuddly girl (especially with her Dad) but is also quite happy to chill out in her own company. You are such a gorgeous girl, Frizzy, and we were so delighted that you graced us with your presence!

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