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Sneak Peeks of Riley and Freya

Beautiful pair, Riley and Freya are the loves of their Mum’s and Dad’s lives! Riley is an 18 month old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and Freya is a 5 month old Swiss Shepherd. Riley came into his Mum’s life as a 3 month old puppy and Mum always had a love for Aussie Shepherds. When she set her eyes on Riley, she thought he was the cutest puppy in the world and had to have him because of his beautiful and unique colouring and expressions to die for! Riley is a cheeky boy and is also seriously intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing at any given time. His temperament is exceptional and he has a beautiful mix of smartness, loyalty and loving. He has also had the smarts to train himself where after Mum and Dad have done the grocery shopping, he has started to actually pick up the shopping bags in his mouth and will take them inside the house! Such a helpful boy, Riley! He also has a couple of ‘tricks’ in his ‘bag’ and is a paw shaker from way back while also giving the best head tilts!  Freya joined the family when Dad wanted a pet of his own to connect with in the way Mum and Riley do. They looked at a litter of Swiss Shepherd puppies and could not resist Freya with her ‘wonky, wacky ears’ which is part of her charm. Freya is a sweet young lady who has no idea of her size and thinks she is a lap dog and just adores cuddle time! She also loves to be by her Mum’s or Dad’s side and they adore how she leans into the sides of their legs often! Miss Freya is a unique girl who is very smart and her Mum and Dad love that she just seems to understand things without any trouble and with her even and chilled temperament is a beautiful addition to their family! Riley and Freya, you are both simply ‘Pawfect!’

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