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Sneak Peeks of Jasper, Snowflake and Lucifer

These three precious kitties are Jasper, Snowflake and Lucifer. Jasper is a 6yo blue and white domestic-short-hair with gold eyes. He also has a ‘thumb print’ in blue under his chin. Snowflake is an 18 month old white DSH with blue eyes and Lucifer is a 1yo grey and white DSH with gold/orange eyes. Jasper is the ‘father’ of the group and is what his Mum describes as a ‘sophisticated but snobby Frenchman!’ He is definitely the most serious and is a real Mum’s boy as well as being Nanny’s boy too! Jasper is adventurous, mischievous and has a beautiful little trait of putting his paw up to beg! He appreciates his own space and also a bit of a clever boy and has worked out how to open the door of the spare room. Jasper also adores ice-cream and yoghurt and is a bit of a snorer! Snowflake is the Princess of the family and is completely loving and is the first to come up for head bumps and kisses! She is gentle but still playful and definitely has her mischievous moments – like she is a naughty teenager! Snowflake adores Jasper and have become the surrogate parents to Lucifer! Lucifer was found in a McDonalds car park and Dad calls him ‘his little McNugget’ but was named Lucifer really quickly once they realized he is a ‘little devil!’ Although he also adores his Mum, Lucifer is definitely Dad’s boy and has an extreme close connection with him. Although often full of energy, he is a complete smoocher who loves to curl up with Mum and especially Dad! All three fur babies love a good play and absolutely adore laser pointers! What a beautiful kitty trio!

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