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Sneak Peeks of Sooty and Sasha

As we celebrate our first photo sessions in Melbourne, we would like to introduce you to adorable pair, Sooty and Sasha. Sooty is a 12yo black and white Maltese cross Silky Terrier and Sasha is a 7yo black and tan Yorkshire Terrier. Sooty is a sweet, loving girl who is the centre of her Mum and Dad’s world especially her Dad’s! She came along when her Mum wanted a puppy and saw her available for a home. She held and knew there and then that she was ‘the one!’ Sooty can turn a bad day into a good one just by being there! She is a very affectionate lady and very much a ‘kissy’ girl! Sooty loves to be involved with what is happening at any time and is a constant presence for her Mum and Dad. Sooty loves to sleep upside down once she finishes ‘making the bed’ which in itself is a show to be watched! She will settle in to sleep usually on her back with her gorgeous little paws in the air! Sooty is also a very well read young lady who has a particular love for newspapers! Slow and careful tearing so she can savor the experience! Lol   Sasha is a very sweet little lady who came into the family as a puppy and gained a big sister in Sooty. Sasha is definitely the little sister of the family and loves to be involved in whatever her big sister is up to as well as keeping a sharp eye on what is happening around her. Sooty and Sasha, you are simply irresistible!

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