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Sneak Peeks of Mercury

The temperature is rising with beautiful Mercury coming by to say hello! He is a 3.5yo blue Merle Rough Collie and has brown eyes with a small wedge of blue in one of them. Mercury is a completely gorgeous boy who joined the family a few years ago as a young pup. He is one very cool character as he is mellow, chilled out and completely non-confrontational and all wrapped up in a gorgeous blue Merle package with lovely mottled fur and with eyes ‘to die for!’ Mercury, being such a cool young man, is never bothered by other dogs and is a calm, serene boy to have in the family which also makes life great for his gorgeous fur-sister, Shelby, who he absolutely adores. He is a really loving and affectionate boy who enjoys laying on the couch with his Mum and Dad and loves a good cuddle! While Mercury is a cruisy guy, he also loves to play and has a fun streak which often comes out when he is trying to get his Mum’s and Dad’s attention! He loves to give a funny little ‘woof’ in their faces and will also do a ‘play bow’, with tail wagging crazily! Mercury is not toy focused but would much rather chase around big sister, Shelby, for whatever it is that she has! Mercury, you certainly are a cheeky and fun-loving boy and we adore you!

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