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Sneak Peeks of Jade

Cheeky, cuddly and loving young lady, Jade is a 4.5yo blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is her Mum’s first fur kid as an adult. She is what her Mum describes as ‘perfect but cheeky’ and from day one fell in love with her gorgeous Staffy smile and amazing nature. Like most Staffies, Jade is energetic and loves to play. She is completely ball obsessed even though she isn’t one for playing fetch! She loves to chase balls and toys but then will hold them in her mouth and not hand them over!  One of the things that her Mum loves is when she carries a ball around in her mouth, she ends up looking hilarious with her tongue hanging out one side, the ball on the other side and a big Staffy grin and wagging tail! She adores any sort of activity and outings to the dog park and beach are frequent. Jade is super social with both people and other dogs so is awesome to take anywhere. Her absolute favourite place is the beach where she will race into the water and have the waves crash over her and then keep going back for more! When it is bed time she loves to ‘dig the doona’ to get under the covers and put her head on the pillow with her Mum and sleep the night away!

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