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Sneak Peeks of Floyd and Poppy

Let us introduce you to gorgeous 6yo black Labrador pair, Floyd and Poppy! They are siblings who have never been apart and are truly inseparable! Floyd is an old soul who looks deep into your eyes and almost talks to you with his. Floyd loves to be around his Mum and Dad ALL the time and is a real lap dog and adores spending quiet time on the couch with them. His Mum describes both Floyd and Poppy as ‘Lounge Lizards!’ While he loves his quiet time, he is also a big fan of playing and adores ball play and his Kong toys! Floyd is gentle, loving and just like a little baby. Poppy is completely different to her brother and is a gorgeous, fun-loving and sometimes goofy young lady who is always happy and outgoing! She loves to smile and show how much she loves life with her gorgeous big eyes and waggly tail! Poppy is more than a little cheeky and mischievous and is definitely entertainment on tap!

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