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Sneak Peeks of Scout

Gorgeous Scout is a 7 month old tan coloured Rhodesian Ridgeback and came into the family at 7 weeks of age when Mum and Dad went to look at a litter of Ridgebacks. Mum picked Scout up for a cuddle and she promptly settled in for a sleep so there was no way known another pup was going to be chosen! Scout is a girl who definitely is excited by people but not so by other dogs. She is what her Mum describes as ‘people obsessed’ and will see someone she wants to interact with and attach to them with her beautiful stare until she gets their attention and then she goes crazy with happiness and lots of tail wagging! Scout is happy and excitable but calm at the same time. She is completely gentle, loving and a unique and much adored young lady. Scout loves to play with her toys and is currently learning how to play fetch. She is a clever girl who has quickly learnt her commands and she does have a mischievous side and has been known to pull the washing off the line! She also loves her plastic milk containers as we can see! Scout also has a serious love of water with the sprinkler being one of her favourite things where she will jump and dance around and bite the water. She also has her own clam pool which she also loves to play in! You certainly are one adorable water baby, Scout!
Gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback close up.Sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback sitting on a chair.Lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback chewing on a plastic container.Adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback playing with a ball.Beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback laying on an ottoman.

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