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Sneak Peeks of Poppy

Precious Poppy is Mum and Dad’s first fur baby and according to Mum has them both completely wrapped around her little paws! She is a 2yo Golden Retriever and is a pretty young lady who is a total cuddle bug and adores curling up with her Mum and Dad. Poppy is extremely mischievous and loves to rip the stuffing out of her toys along with the eyes and ears! Mum and Dad have stopped giving her stuffed toys because she is constantly destroying them! She loves chasing after balls and toys however she can’t fetch! Her Mum says that she is a weird Retriever as she does not retrieve! Lol  Poppy is very much a ‘people dog’ and she adores going on outings with her Mum and Dad. She especially loves the beach but is a bit of a scaredy dog when it comes to the actual water! She is a happy and smiley girl with an awesome grin and she just aims to please! She often has her tongue hanging out of her mouth which is something her Mum adores! Poppy’s gorgeous expressions make her completely irresistible! We could not agree more!
Lovable Golden Retriever close up.Gorgeous Golden Retriever playing with a toy.Adorable Golden Retriever playing with a ball.Beautiful Golden Retriever laying on an ottoman.Sweet Golden Retriever on the move.

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