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Sneak Peeks of Mannie

Mannie is a ridiculously adorable, loving, calm and affectionate young man who is the centre of his Mum’s world! He is a 12yo Golden Cocker Spaniel who has a slightly greying face with beautiful, long and silky ears and big brown eyes. Mannie got his name from his ears which were very large from ‘Mannie the Mammoth’ from ‘Ice Age.’ Sometimes when he is a gentleman, he will get called ‘Manuel’ from the character in ‘Faulty Towers.’ Mannie came into his Mum’s life when he was a little over a year old when he had been surrendered to a rescue group. When his Mum was looking for a dog, she came across this little guy whose ears were so long he tripped over them, when he promptly climbed into her lap and fell asleep! The rest is history! Mannie LOVES to nap and will even dig himself a hole in the sand at the beach to have one. This is one of Mannie’s favourite hang outs and he is a real lover of the sun. He loves to make himself at home and his favourite sleeping spot is always someone else’s pillow! Mannie, you can snuggle up on our pillow anytime!
Cute Cocker Spaniel resting quietly with a toy.Adorable Cocker Spaniel sitting pretty.Beautiful Cocker Spaniel on the move.Gorgeous Cocker Spaniel side profile.Lovely Cocker Spaniel close up.


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