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Sneak Peeks of BJ and Rogue

There is something special about a beautiful bond between a small dog and a large dog and this is certainly no exception! Gorgeous BJ and Rogue are great fur pals and totally loved and adored by their family. BJ is a 12yo Maltese Terrier with white shaggy fur and Rogue is a 12yo Husky cross Kelpie who has wolf like markings. BJ is a tiny little guy who is more than often called ‘Little Lamby’ because he is so small and white and always reminded his Mum of a little lamb! His Mum had previously been a ‘big dog person’ but her and BJ are now completely besotted with each other and he totally melts her heart! Rogue is a beautiful older guy and is a gentle and lovable man who is very affectionate. In his younger years he was a real fun lover and he totally adores his family. Rogue is a funny old guy who is just plain out adorable and he is completely loved by the family!
Lovely Kelpie x Husky laying down on a couch.Close up of an adorable Maltese Terrier.Sweet Kelpie x Husky close up.Beautiful Maltese Terrier sitting pretty.Gorgeous Kelpie x Husky and Maltese Terrier laying together.

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