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Sneak Peeks of Oliver

Sweet Oliver is a 14yo apricot coloured Cavoodle who is a sensitive soul and adores his family and is a precious little presence who follows them around and loves them all unconditionally. He joined the family 14 years ago as the 11th birthday present for the family’s daughter. Oliver is loyal and loves to be around people as much as possible. He will quite often have different beds to sleep in depending on which of the girls are at home – he absolutely adores them all but at heart, he is his Mum’s boy and follows her around all the time! His Mum’s favourite time with Oliver is at night when she is ready to relax and he will sit at her feet wagging his tail for her to pick him up and put him on her lap! Although he is getting older now, he still has a face of a puppy! You are such a beautiful boy, Oliver!
Sweet Cavoodle wrapped in a blanket.Gorgeous Cavoodle laying on an ottoman.Cute Cavoodle sitting pretty,Beautiful Cavoodle on the move.Adorable Cavoodle playing with a ball.

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