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Sneak Peeks of Nala and Fudge

Sweet Nala is a 14.5 year old Golden Retriever and her lovely fur-sister, Fudge, is a 10.5 year old Black Labrador. Nala is loving, kind and adores life and people! When she was a young pup, with sharp teeth, to avoid and nips when greeting people, she was taught to have a toy in her mouth and this behaviour continues to this day! In her older years, Nala is a lot quieter but still has a gorgeous mischievous side which comes through with a cheeky smile! She is also very communicative and lets the family know when she needs something. Nala is an independent woman and loves the company of both her family and other people but will also quietly take herself away for some alone time.
Fudge came into the family when her Dad went out to buy some socks! When walking past the pet store he noticed this beautiful, tiny little Black Labrador on her own. The rest is history and he bought the socks too! Lol  Fudge is a fun loving lady and loves to be the centre of attention. She is a very pretty girl and loves having her photo taken, as we can certainly see!! Her loving and happy personality is completely infectious and you couldn’t help but feel loved and happy around Fudge!
Beautiful Golden retriever resting quietly.Adorable Black Labrador playing with a ball.Cute Golden Retriever close up.Sweet Black Labrador resting quietly.Gorgeous Golden Retriever and Black Labrador laying next to each other.

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