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Sneak Peeks of Toby

Toby is a gorgeous 4 month old Golden Labrador puppy who is currently going through the typical puppy stage of teething where he is eating everything and anything! He currently has a love of eating leaves so when he goes on his walks, he has to keep moving otherwise if he stops for a moment he will start munching on them. He also adores chewing on toilet paper rolls so they are now kept in a cupboard out of his reach! No more toilet rolls for you now Toby! Except for this studio one! lol  His house has now been ‘toddler proofed’ as Toby is looking for fun and play anywhere he can just like a toddler! He has already learnt to sit on command and has just recently graduated from Puppy Pre-School. Toby is adventurous, curious and loving and definitely keeps his Mum and Dad on their toes! He is full of character and enthusiasm for life and is super excited to meet and greet new people and adores getting out and about! You certainly are a bundle of joy, Toby!
Sweet Golden Labrador puppy resting with a toy.Adorable Golden Labrador puppy playing with a tug rope.Beautiful Golden Labrador puppy sitting nicely.Cute Golden Retriever puppy on the move.Gorgeous Golden Labrador puppy playing with a toilet roll.

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