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Sneak Peeks of Louie

Lovable Louie is a 6yo green Indian Ringneck Parrot and we had so much fun photographing him in the studio! He was his Mum’s first pet when she moved out of home and decided on Louie when she couldn’t have a dog or a cat. Louie was hand raised and he is exceptionally friendly – especially with his Mum! He is super affectionate and loves mirrors, bells and really anything that is shiny! Louie is also ‘obsessed with himself’ and loves to check out anything that he can see his reflection in! As good looking as you are Louie, I certainly don’t blame you! You’re such a handsome boy!
Beautiful Green Indian Ringneck Parrot playing with his toy ball.Gorgeous Green Indian Ringneck Parrot on a person's hand.Adorable Green Indian Ringneck Parrot landing on a tree branch.Pretty Green Indian ringneck Parrot sitting quietly.Lovely Green Indian Ringneck Parrot on a branch.

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