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Sneak Peeks of Shara and Lady

Mother and daughter team, Shara and Lady, are two gorgeous Kelpies. They have equally sweet natures, loyal, loving with beautiful eye expressions. They are bonded to each other and are always together. Shara is a wonderful 18yo and is a total sweetheart. She is very much Daddy’s girl and follows him wherever he goes. She likes spending her time relaxing and no doubt she has definitely earnt it! Lady is an adorable 14yo and is also sweet and loyal but very soft and gentle. Like mother, like daughter, these two certainly share some good looks between them!
A pair of gorgeous Kelpies side by side.Beautiful Kelpie looking at the camera.Adorable Kelpie posing for the camera.A lovely Kelpie playing with a ball.Sweet Kelpie on the move.

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