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Sneak Peeks of Max

Happy-go-lucky young man, Max is a 4 year old Cavoodle with a beautiful mix of earthy grey and beige colour tones with amazingly long eyelashes surrounding his beautiful, big brown eyes. He also has a killer smile just to melt your heart that little bit more! ???? Max adores life in general and is always happy and loving which his Mum and Dad just adore about him! Being a young man, he likes to ensure that he has lots of fun and he is mad about playing – especially with balls! When the fun time is over for the day, Max is always ready to cuddle up to his Mum and Dad and relax. While he has lots of puppy friends, he prefers hanging out with his human family and friends and he also loves to meet new people to show them what a great little guy he is! Max also loves to go on his daily walks and play dates at the dog park and doggy Day Care. He is a very smart little guy too and he knows the names of some of his toys where his Mum will ask him to find ‘little yella’ (yellow ball), puppy or chicken and he knows which toy to get. Such a beautiful young man you are, Max!
Lovely Cavoodle sitting quietly.Beautiful Cavoodle sitting pretty.Adorable Cavoodle standing and posing.Gorgeous Cavoodle staring at the camera.Sweet Cavoodle close-up.

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