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Sneak Peeks of Emil, Ronja and Ronny

This trio of cuteness are Emil, Ronja and Ronny. Emil is an 8yo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ronja is a 2yo black and white Cavoodle and Ronny is a 2yo black and tan Cavoodle. Emil has been into ZS previously and is an old hand in front of the camera who is loving and friendly and adores his Mum and Dad. Emil loves the younger pups who have now joined the family. Ronja is a playful and happy young lady who adores going for walks and meeting new people. She is all in for playing a little rough with Ronny and they often have ‘boxing matches’ wrestling on their hind legs! Ronja also loves her toys and when she is worn out from playing, she will curl up on the lounge, preferably with her Mum, and have a good sleep! Ronny is a fun-loving and outgoing young man who adores people and other dogs. He is closely bonded with his sister but loves Emil too. Like Ronja, Ronny loves a good sleep on the couch and he is described by his Mum as ‘happy and excitable’ where he often displays fabulous jumping skills!
Gorgeous Cavoodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel side by side.Adorable Cavoodles sitting side by side.Sweet Cavoodle resting.Lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel playing with a ball.Cute Cavoodle close up.

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