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Sneak Peeks of Piper and T’Challa

Gorgeous black Greyhound pair, Piper and T’Challa have only been with the family less than twelve months but have bonded so beautifully together! Piper is 7yo and her younger fur-brother, T’Challa is 2yo. Piper joined the family last May and is well socialised and adores children and meeting new people. Once she was taken home and she saw T’Challa, it was love at first sight and she absolutely adores him! When they are on the lounge sometimes, Piper will clean T’Challa’s ears for him which he really does love! She’s a real toy girl and the more they squeak, the more she likes them! Piper is the sweetest natured girl you could hope to meet and is loving and kind.
T’Challa joined the family last February and around the time he was adopted, his Mum was watching the Marvel movie, ‘Black Panther’, which is where his name originates from. T’Challa was born to be a king and he certainly is to his Mum and Dad! He is a total ‘cutie pie’ and an extremely loving little gentleman who has found a love for watching TV and his favourite thing to watch is the ‘TROLLS’ movie! With this, he also has a collection of Troll dolls which he loves – especially the hair!
Adorable black Greyhound relaxing side by side.Sweet black Greyhound with his collection of toys!Beautiful black Greyhound wrapped up in a blanket.Gorgeous black Greyhound resting on a blanket.Lovable black Greyhound leaping to grab a toy.

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