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Sneak Peeks of Ollie

Ollie is a beautiful young Throwback Pomeranian who, at only 4 months old, has fast become the centre of his Mum and Dad’s world! Awwwwww!! He is a gorgeous mix of apricot, grey and white coloured fur and is a real cutiepie! Ollie has already grown since coming into the family a month ago and has already doubled his size! He is very vocal and is a very independent young man who just loves to please! Ollie is smart and is learning things very quickly and is loving chewing on everything where, at the moment, his favourite things are plastic bottles! One of his other favourite things is a Dachshund toy which was originally his Mum’s but which Ollie has decided he loves more than his Mum does! He has already shown himself to be fearless and brave and he doesn’t hesitate to try new things and he has already become an awesome swimmer and has so much fun in the water! You have definitely won our hearts over Ollie!
Adorable Throwback Pomeranian relaxing.Beautiful Throwback Pomeranian posing for the camera.Sweet Throwback Pomeranian sitting pretty with his toy.Gorgeous Throwback Pomeranian chewing on a cardboard tube.Lovable Throwback Pomeranian on the move.

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